Our customers include retail chains, individual retailers, and brands in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Russia, UK and US. We help them make retailing a more personal and convenient experience to increase customer loyalty.


Digital Foodie is the preferred partner for enabling on-demand grocery to Independent Grocers Alliance IGA’s licensed retailers. The partner program includes retailer branded web service, linked to IGA branded native mobile applications for placing orders and shopping planning, as well as state-of-the-art in-store picking and fulfillment tools for optimized store pick-up and home delivery. The program is available for all IGA member retailers.

“We are extremely impressed with Digital Foodie’s on-demand technology and their achievements in the more competitive European market, and what really caught our attention was their combination of technology and ability to drive a grocer’s on-demand business. Their proven software platform will come bundled with a supporting marketing rollout that is provocative in driving the consumer adoption that our licensed retailers need.“
Mark Batenic, CEO of IGA

Digital Foodie is the preferred partner for enabling on-demand grocery to Independent Grocers Alliance IGA’s licensed retailers.

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S Group

S Group is one of the largest retail chains in the Nordic countries. They have deployed the Digital Foodie platform to all of their stores under four different banners that include convenience stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. The service includes everything from inspirational recipes to Click&Collect and home deliveries. It has more than 1 million users.
"Digital Foodie has enabled us to provide a personalized storefront to our customers; something that is unique on a global scale."
– Ilkka Alarotu, Director, S Group


S Group Finland is able to provide a uniquely personalized storefront to their customers.

HOK Elanto dark store

HOK Elanto is a co-operative grocery chain and part of S Group. They operate the first online-only dark store for groceries in Vantaa, Finland. The dark store uses Digital Foodie’s fulfillment and picking software, providing exclusively for the growing online grocery business. During the last two years, this has achieved an impressive average growth of more than 100% in Finland.
"Digital Foodie’s solution supports seamless transformation from store-based fulfillment to more optimized dark store operations."
– Jukka Ranua, eCommerce Development Manager for HOK-Elanto

HOK-Elanto is optimizing their fulfillment process to include picking and delivery with Foodie Fulfillment.

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Rimi Baltic

To build strong customer connections Rimi Baltic has deployed Digital Foodie’s platform including a fully customizable and personalized storefont. Foodie Store enables Rimi’s customers to use the service anywhere and anytime on the web as well as on iPhone and Android devices as native applications. The service also includes a seamless connection to Rimi’s real time inventory and MyRimi loyalty program, enabling customers sign in with their loyalty card and receive and redeem special offers and hence save money.
“We wanted to extend our loyalty program to mobile and provide our customers with an easy and hassle free way to find best deals available in our stores using the devices everyone carries in their pockets. We evaluated different options and were convinced that Foodie’s technology was a good match for us.“

-Gundega Martinsone, Retail Business Development Director at Rimi Baltic

Rimi Baltic has deployed Digital Foodie’s platform including a fully customizable and personalized storefont to build strong customer connections and provide their customers a convenient and personalized shopping planning tool in web and mobile environments.

Prisma OOO

Prisma OOO, a retail chain operating in Russia, partnered with Digital Foodie Ltd. to develop a quality audit tool that is used for daily store management as a routine. The tool offers a systematic and professional way of accomplishing in-store quality checking.
"Standardised reporting and ease of use are the biggest benefits of Digital Foodie quality software compared to the old way of measuring. High quality, illustrative reports are immediately shared to all relevant people across the organization, and they provide us a valuable asset in developing our operations." − Jani Vahala, Vice President of OOO Prisma.

Foodie.fm platform helps Prisma OOO improve in-store quality and customer experience in Russia.

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The Southern Co-operative

The Southern Co-operative runs over 190 stores in the south of England. Their trial with Digital Foodie Ltd. included a storefront built on our recommendation engine and a seamless link to assortment as well as fulfillment tools for maximized picking efficiency.
"We were impressed by Digital Foodie’s approach that includes personalized meals and efficient in-store fulfillment. In a surprisingly short time, we were able to set up Click & Collect operations in one of our stores. That brought us valuable information about how we can serve our customers in a better and more convenient way." − Steve Tremlett, TSC’s Head of Retail

Successful Click & Collect trial in England proves that Foodie.fm platform takes customer satisfaction and operational efficiency to a completely new level.

Peremarket Estonia

Prisma Peremarket is a retail chain of super and hypermarkets operating in Estonia. Digital Foodie deployment in Estonia covers web and mobile services as well as fulfillment tools. Foodie Core software product has been seamlessly integrated to the retailer’s loyalty database so that their consumer service is able to offer real-time bonus balance and shopping history as well as shopping lists, online Click&Collect ordering, and recipes.
"Foodie’s technology and personalization capabilities make them a perfect partner for us to develop our mobile presence and to expand our online operations."
− Janne Lihavainen, CEO Prisma Peremarket, Estonia


Peremarket‘s customer loyalty program in their consumers’ pockets is a natural evolution given the increasing customer demand.

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S-Verkkopalvelut uses Foodie Fulfillment software in their Sokos online store for maximizing order delivery. Foodie Fulfillment is integrated to their eCommerce platform built on IBM WebSphere.
"Delivery method can be a significant competitive factor in eCommerce."
- Ilkka Brander, Managing Director of S-Verkkopalvelut.

S-Verkkopalvelut Oy is a subsidiary of SOK that has over 100 years of experience in consumer goods retail.

Village Beach Market

Village Beach Market is a family-owned local grocery store that belongs to the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA). In order to stay strong in the face of growing chain competition, Village Beach Market decided to launch a Click & Collect service for their customers. Their Digital Foodie deployment includes web and mobile services with real-time assortment, online orders, as well as fulfillment tools for efficient picking.
"We are exited to work with Digital Foodie and expect revenue growth by launching a new online service in the area."
– Jason Keen, COO, Village Beach Market

Village Beach Market is able to strengthen their market position and generate new revenues by deploying Click & Collect service in Florida.

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Wynn’s Market, USA

Digital Foodie’s on-demand grocery service deployment for Wynn’s includes product data, branded and customized website and Digital Foodie’s fulfillment tools for efficient order collection, store pickups and home deliveries. The heart of the service is Foodie Core that connects to Wynn’s Market’s large inventory and enables behavioral recommendations for building strong consumer connections that increase loyalty.

“The process to get started with Foodie was very easy. With their experience in running online business we felt very comfortable to get started. We were also very impressed about Foodie’s technology and think that we get access to technology that even the large national chains don’t have.“

– Tim Wynn, Owner of Wynn’s Market

Wynn’s Market is an independent family-owned business with two stores located in Key Largo and Naples, Florida.